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We offer 3 treatments at Lipofreeze. Cryolipolysis, also known as, “Fat freezing,” Hifu – the non surgical facelift, and Cryopen the skin imperfections remover.

All three treatments are non-invasive methods for fat reduction, body contouring, skin lifting & skin perfecting!

Cryolipolysis produces similar results to liposuction but, because it doesn’t involve surgery, it doesn’t carry the risks and potential complications associated with that procedure. For instance, the surface skin is left totally undamaged and intact by the process.

Hifu produces very similar results to a facelift. But without the use of any surgical equipment or downtime! HIfu is a very safe, effective way of reducing fine lines and giving the skin a fresh glowy look.

Cryotherapy is the controlled removal of unwanted and annoying benign tissue by the exact application of extreme cold. It freezes to accomplish tissue necrosis, and it controls the freeze to avoid collateral damage to other healthy tissues. This type of treatment provides the elimination of hyper-pigmentation, cherry angiomas, milia, verrucas, warts, and skin tags. These all are the various types of skin lesions that could be seen on the body or face.

Not only that but, because our treatment techniques involve neither surgery nor anaesthetic, no recovery time is necessary, and the recipient can immediately return to normal everyday life. We only offer pain-free treatments.

Our Cryolipolysis technology is available under a variety of brand names, including Lipoglaze, Lipo Sculpt, isoLipo, 3D Lipo, LA Lipo, CoolSculpting and Clatuu as well Lipo Freeze2u.

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How Cryolipolisis Works King's Hill

There’ an exciting new technology taking the world of cosmetic surgery by storm! It’s called Cryolipolisis and it provides a safe, efficient and precise way to trim away at fat deposits without the need for invasive surgery. If that sounds like an interesting proposition, you will enjoy visiting our website!

Here you’ll learn all about cryolipolisis King’s Hill, why it’s superior to most other techniques people now use to quickly shape up their figures, and why so many people are becoming passionate people out there advocating of this powerful new cosmetic shape up their figures quickly

How Hifu Works

The exciting new technology called Hifu is a safe, efficient way that lifts the skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Hifu can help with problems like acne and acne scars.

Hifu machine helps to destroy tissue, called coagulative necrosis. This happens with ultrasound energy is absorbed into the tissue. The jawline and cheek areas work with HIFU was most are useful, reducing fat and tightening skin. Our non-surgical facelift is a very popular treatment!

How Cryopen Works

Cryotherapy is the controlled removal of unwanted and annoying benign tissue by the exact application of extreme cold. It freezes to accomplish tissue necrosis, and it controls the freeze to avoid collateral damage to other healthy tissues.

This type of treatment provides the elimination of hyper-pigmentation, cherry angiomas, milia, verrucas, warts, and skin tags. These all are the various types of skin lesions that could be seen on the body or face.

What Exactly Is Cryolipolisis, and Why Should You Care?

Simply put, cryolipolysis stands for “fat freezing” since it involves the actual freezing of localised fat deposits. This process destroys the fat cells nearly instantly, allowing to genuinely sculpt your figure without need to cut the skin in any way.

This is a true revolution in the world of medical cosmetics, since it provides a way to deliver quick results with minimal complications through a simple and fast treatment.

Through the controlled and precise application of temperatures around -5 to +5 degrees Celsius, it’s now possible to induce the actual death of fat cells through a non-destructive process called apoptosis.

What’s so interesting about this process is how the involved cells simply shrink and collapse internally leaving essentially no traces even on a cellular level. Click here to find out why you should choose us!

This means there is no scarring, no pain, no swelling, and essentially no unwanted effects asides from a reduction in the size of the fat deposits where this technology is used. Click here to find more about us!

Using cryolipolysis, it’s actually possible to aim specifically at fat deposits under the skin without causing any discernible damage to the actual skin above, which means this medical procedure is remarkably non-invasive and involves practically no recuperation time.

For those reasons, cryolipolysis is now the favourite method used by many  to trim down on their figure for important events quickly In many cases, cryolipolysis King’s Hill will make liposuction obsolete, as you’ll learn by reading the section below.

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What Exactly Is Cryolipolisis, and Why Should You Care?

Going on a regular diet involving proper nutrition might be a good way to lose unwanted weight… but most modern people just don’t have the time or inclination to really embrace a healthy diet full-time. It’s not easy to spend a lot of time working on your figure when you’re already flooded with all kinds of everyday issues scattering your energy, is it? Click here to find out more options!

So when for some reason they have to check their weight, they’ll usually turn to crash diets or fasting as a means to shed those excess pounds in record times and fit into their elegant party dresses and suits. That’s just how it works in the modern, fast-paced world we live in!

The problem with this kind of approach is that, asides from being unpleasant, can actually be damaging for the body and affect your health negatively. Fortunately, you can now rely on a modern scientific procedure like cryolipolisis that will tackle your unwanted fat deposits in a matter of days, without any need for physical strain or emotional suffering from food deprivation.

Long gone are the days when you had endure trials and tribulations to achieve a perfect figure! Thanks to the latest scientific developments in this area, you can now rely on professionals to help you polish your figure easily.

Since cryolipolysis disposes of fat cells through a natural technique that doesn’t disrupt your natural biochemical processes, it won’t cause any major discomfort or lead to unwanted effects.

The localised fat deposits will simply melt away overnight, in a similar way to what would happen during intense physical exercise… except you won’t have to waste any time or energy running around or visiting the gym King’s Hill. Results will also be much faster, compared to what you might achieve by taking the hard way of strenuous physical exercise only. Click here to find out more about the results!

Cryolipolysis Arguably Makes Liposuction Obsolete

If you’ve ever had a liposuction procedure performed on you, then you know how uncomfortable you can be… you may have to endure uncomfortable swellings as your body recuperates from the procedure, and results will sometimes be misleading as fat deposits will tend to come back with a vengeance and keep accumulating in nearby areas leading to unpleasant visual effects. It’s not uncommon to find people who have to get a second liposuction after a few months to minimize the damages caused by an initial intervention.

Liposuction always involves a little bit of scarring, no matter how advanced the tools used by a plastic surgeon. It involved burning fat deposits directly in a damaging and aggressive approach! If you ever take the time to look at some videos of liposuction procedures, you will surely be a little apprehensive at the thought of being personally involved in such butchering.

And for a long time, this butchering was the state of the art in cosmetic weight loss! Fortunately, we now have better tools available to help those who quickly have to lose weight, and cryolipolysis is one of the best alternatives.

It’s not unreasonable to say that cryolipolysis should eventually make liposuction obsolete, as both these technologies have a comparable scope of applications and a similar target audience… but cryolipolysis is superior in just about every possible way. It’s less aggressive, more effective, involves quicker results and shorter recuperation time. It may actually be less expensive than liposuction, depending on your particular physique, and the results will tend to last for much longer.

Reasons to Favor Cryolipolisis Over Hiring a Personal Trainer

When people are serious about changing their body permanently, they’ll usually look into changing their habits and lifestyle. Sometimes, the best way to achieve permanent and ongoing results is by getting the help of a personal trainer, someone who will take you by the hand and push you towards achieving your weight loss goals one day at a time- through much sweat, tears and effort. If you have the time, resources and inclination to go down this road and hire a personal trainer, we congratulate you on being so dedicated to achieving your goals.

For those who don’t have the means or time to get the help of a personal trainer to oversee their fitness training, it might be simpler to just get an initial boost that delivers visible results. With cryolipolysis, you will achieve consistent results and you’ll find that keeping your rogue fat deposits in check will be a simple matter.

With just a session or two every other month, you may find your body will look much better right away; this will surely motivate you to embrace a healthier lifestyle and maybe start adding more physical exercise to your daily routine, to build on further on the results you get from cryolipolysis.

For the reasons above, you may find that spending money on this technology might deliver better results than trying to force change your habits. Cryolipolysis will help you achieve quick results that will motivate you to keep changing your look for the best. In that sense, you will likely get better results from investing in this procedure than what you might get hiring a personal trainer.

Exercise is Great For Those Who Can Get it… So is Cryolipolisis

Please don’t take us the wrong way, as we do believe that regular physical exercise is the best way to keep your silhouette chiselled to your satisfaction. When you look at the long-term, you absolutely should find ways to get more exercise, since this will benefit not only your looks but your actual health. But getting exercise always involves creating new habits, and this takes time and effort. Finding motivation to get started is usually the most difficult aspects, and you’ll be hard pressed to find true motivation before you actually start seeing results.

We believe that cryolipolysis will give you a tremendous boost towards changing your habits for the best, since you will start seeing results quickly and that will motivate you to keep improving on other aspects of your life such as your diet and exercise routines. Exercise is absolutely great for everyone who can embrace it, and so is cryolipolysis.

Granted, not everyone will be able to actually afford this procedure as it involves multiple sessions over time, which can easily build up into significant spending. But the results will manifest shortly for those who can afford it, cryolipolysis will provide an excellent alternative to help you kick-start your physical transformation… or even to help you achieve your ideal physical appearance without having to commit to nerve-wrecking training programs.

If you don’t have resources to hire a personal trainer and if you don’t have the time and energy to embrace a full-fledged fitness program, cryolipolysis may be a great starting point for you. This non-invasive and painless procedure will give you noticeable results from day one, and you’ll surely want to keep coming back for more as this is simply the most convenient way to shape up now available to the modern man and woman.

The following section concludes this article by providing an overview of all the reasons why so many people are so passionate about cryolipolysis lately! Read on, and you may be surprised to find you have similar reasons to try cryolipolysis today.

Why Are People So Passionate About Cryolipolisis, These Days?

When you come across a person who has benefited from cryolipolysis, you may be surprised to see them making a passionate defence of this technology. That is actually to be expected when you’re a little familiar with it, as this groundbreaking technology has been improving the lives of millions of people who had been struggling with excess weight for many years without ever finding the results they wanted.

People who experience the fast and permanent results achieved by cryolipolysis claim they have found added confidence after seeing its anti-ageing effects that makes them feel as great as they look! That is quite natural, and you too will find that your confidence and spirit will change for the best along with your physical shape. You simply feel more confident in any social scenario, when your body always has a great figure and silhouette.

It’s also a great feeling when you simply fit in just about any clothing you want, and everything looks good on you because you have developed a trim structure.

Many clients who were previously familiar with the inconveniences of before and after lipo sculpt don’t hesitate to claim “this is the only and best option for me, now!” Cryolipolysis is highly favoured by people from all walks of life, including those who dislike gym sports since the results obtained from fat freezing are fast and targeted and require no diets (although improving your diet will improve your results in the long term).

Many people are now turning to cryolipolysis as a way to quickly get the right look before going to weddings, or even to achieve a little weight loss before interviews. It’s part of human nature to want to look as good as possible for an important event, and with cryolipolysis we now have a way to achieve precise body sculpting in record time.

There are also many people out there saying that cryolipolysis gave them the confidence they needed to get back dating, or even to get back playing sports without worrying they’ll look bad. It’s amazing how an unkempt physical figure will soon become an inconvenience keeping you from enjoying some of the best things life has to offer! Fortunately, you can now rely on exciting, fast-acting and painless technologies like cryolipolysis as part of your weight loss arsenal.

If you’re looking to try this service, you may proceed confidently since it will work and you will look better than you have in many years!

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